Acupuncture for Weight Loss, A Natural Solution to Slim Down

Everyone is searching for the secret to weight reduction, without falling victim to the most recent gimmicks. With such a wide variety of views about the best way to slim down, it can not be easy to tell what’ll actually work.

Luckily there’s a technique for weight loss that’s been analyzed for centuries: acupuncture.
This technique is sound, safe and dependable. And, much more exciting, using acupuncture for weight loss can help you slim down in a number of different manners.

Is There Evidence That Acupuncture Helps With Weight Reduction?

Yes. This is particularly intriguing because this same effect was discovered by them with just one needle with two protocols, one with one and four needles.

The results seem promising, although researchers continue to examine the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight reduction.

There are three main ways that acupuncture can help with weight reduction.

Acupuncture firstly, helps balance hormones. Acupuncture can raise endorphins, which usually make you feel more favorable and reduce cravings. This may help reduce binge eating.

In addition, it reduces the hormones that promote weight gain. Leptin arouses the feeling of being full and modulates fat storage and metabolism. Insulin regulates the absorption of glucose and fat metabolism and carbohydrate from the blood. This finding indicates that acupuncture may really reduce the hormones.

But if the feeling of being full arouses is it great to have decreased amounts? Many overweight individuals have high amounts of leptin. When your leptin amount is not low, you cannot tell when to quit eating. Restoring equilibrium to leptin levels may help reduce leptin resistance, making it less difficult to stop eating before you overeat.

Weight cans influence in several manners. It interrupts digestion, leads to melancholy and escalates your “fight or flight” response. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re more likely to binge for psychological motives and to presume do not have any time to prepare meals that are wholesome.

And eventually, acupuncture can help digestion. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the spleen is in charge of digestion. Disharmony and imbalance in the spleen can cause water retention, tiredness, slow metabolism, loose feces, and a feeling of heaviness. The liver is in charge of the flow of emotions, blood and Qi. Disharmony in your liver can cause compulsive eating and cravings.
By balancing your organ system, weight loss both physically and mentally is supported by you.

How Can My Metabolism At Home Be Regulated by me?

Naturally, great metabolism relies on all the matters you know are good for you– sleep exercise, good nutrition, and decreased anxiety. But there’s one simple thing you can do using TCM principles ear massage.

There are many acupuncture points on your own ears. To excite these points, massage your ear many times a day. Start with rubbing against your upper ear. Catch your ear with your thumb on your index finger behind your ear, inner ear and the upper.

Get an appointment with one to have your pulses, if you enjoy the thought of do it yourself acupressure. Once one understand the details of your constitution and how it impacts your fat loss, I can give you additional points to restrain cravings, your hunger and metabolism.

Dendroterapiya: Treatment with the Energy of Trees


Our ancestors have sincerely believed that plants have the ability to give people the strength and health. If you can find your tree-healer, embrace him by the barrel, you can recover from a serious illness or unwind for a few months in advance.

Trees like all living organisms have bio field. The bio field of trees and people interact, resulting in a two way interaction between tree and person.

The trees can give or suck energy from persons or be neutral. Therefore, the most important thing – do not make the wrong choice of tree for the treatment.

If you are suffering from negative emotions, you need a tree that is expert in sucking negativity and if you want to be successful, you will need a tree that can supply energy to your aura.

Some trees are like bad people. They increase your negativity or reduce your aura. So be very careful while picking your healer.

Some plants are especially beloved of the people, it is believed that they radiate positive action currents bring good luck in business, give a good mood and even prolong human life, protecting him from many troubles. But there are some who are notorious, and superstitious people avoid planting such plants near your home or decorate their rooms.

Find Your Green Friend

Birch is healing tree. Any sick person can turn to her for help. It is a gracious tree. It helps to relieves pain and gets rid of many diseases.

Pine protects against misfortune and provides positive energy to people suffering from depression and nervousness. In addition, pine increases creativity and removes, irritation and anger.

Rowan helps only the women. Women of all ages can approach to her for sexual help. It helps women to unleash the full potential of their sex.

Acacia is tree of fertility. Traditionally, couples who wanted to have baby came to her .It is believed that if we look at Acacia with the request, mentally talk to her and touch the trunk with love – pregnancy will follow soon.

Oak Upon contact with this tree, the person receives the maximum amount of life energy. It bestows vigour, longevity and the strong will to the people.

Verba brings good health to all the inhabitants of the house, removes from their misfortune.

Cherry – This fruit tree carries a huge stock of positive energy. It grants fertility and prosperity to the people who approach it with sincerity and love.

If the above trees nourish people with positive energy, below mentioned trees work as powerful – power vacuum – that pull negative energy.

Chestnut and poplar are recommended if you need to get rid of the negative energy – such as depression, evil eye.

Aspen is one of the most powerful weapons against the forces of evil. Aspen can be useful in the case where a person needs to get rid of anger overflowing or when he has accidentally touched someone else’s negativity.

How to do it?

You should trust your intuition. Relax, take it easy and try not to think about the problems – enjoy the beauty around you. Try to merge with nature. And at one point you will feel a sudden liking to one of the trees, you literally pull him. But keep in mind: the tree-healer should always be direct and beautiful trunk. Curved trees, as well as two or three stems grow generally in a pathogenic region.

Walk up to the tree, try to feel his aura. It’s not easy to do, but it’s possible. Stand in front of a tree at a distance of about two meters and extend your arms forward. Focus on hands. Slowly approach the trunk.

At some distance from the trunk of the palm feel invisible border. This is – a cocoon of energy frame – around the tree. Within this cocoon, slide your hands to the trunk and back – you will feel either a slight tingling in the hands or a light breeze through your fingers.

Do this exercise with various species of trees and compare the experiences. In healthy and strong trees – cocoon – is away from the trunk and its density is higher.

But if you cannot feel this -cocoon – do not worry. Just walk up and touch the trunk of a palm tree that you liked. Do not rush. Close your eyes and relax. Try to feel the energy moving along the barrel. If you feel the heat that will flow to you, filling the entire body, then it is safe to stay near that tree – your friend, a source of positive energy and health.

There is one very simple method to help determine the suitability of your tree to heal or not. Take a piece of thin foil from the usual candy or chocolate, rub it on the clothes.

Now place this foil on your hand and approach the tree. If the foil is pulled to the trunk – it is your tree. If the foil is stuck to your palm, leave that tree.

The aura of trees is more powerful than yours. So if you want to help them, it can only be done with love. Do not force it.

When you find your tree, in order to get his help to absorb the healing energy, sit down next to him, leaning against the trunk. Now hug the tree with hands. Hugging the trunk is very effective method for absorbing the energy.

It works best when you are naked. But that is not possible every time. So either you can be topless or wear a thin cotton shirt.

Identify yourself to tree and send him a wave of love and gratitude. Communicate with the tree for 15-20 minutes.

How to Gain Health?

If you do not have a very good health, get yourself not one but several green friends. It is advisable that you select your friends near one another.

First stay a few minutes near Poplar, so that it can suck your negative energy or pain. Then approach birch or oak, to gain life force. It will boost your immune system and health.

Japanese secret recipe for weight loss


Black Soybean Cocoa makes your slimming enjoyable. This recipe helps you to lose 4 pounds in 2 weeks without any extra effort or change in diet plan.

How to Make Black Soybean Flour Cocoa

Ingredients: Black soybeans, 200 grams. Cocoa powder, 100 grams (2 parts of soybeans to 1 part of cocoa powder), Milk, Honey, or low calorie sweetener.

1. Wash the beans and drain out the water.

2. When dry, roast the beans in a frying pan. With wooden chopsticks or ladle, shuffle the beans in pan while roasting.

3. Put out the fire when the beans burst and the white inside begins to show.

4. Place the roasted beans in a food mill or similar grinding device and turn into powder or flour form.

5. Mix the bean flour with cocoa powder and keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

6. To prepare for drinking, place 20 grams (one heaped tablespoon) in a cup and pour in warmed milk (about 200 ml) and mix well. Sweeten with honey or low-calorie sweetener of your choice.

Reduced 1.5 Kilograms in Two Weeks

By Mrs. Hiroko Shiba, 34-year old housewife of Osaka

I learned about black soybean flour cocoa diet about two weeks ago from an acquaintance. Being 161 cm tall and weighing 53 kilograms, I wasn’t exactly fat as far as measurements go. However, extraneous fat was beginning to collect on the inner side of my thighs and lower abdomen — signs of middle-age spread. I took a liking instantly to black soybean flour cocoa the first time that I drank it. It suited my sweet tooth. It’s only two weeks since I started taking it daily three times a day before meals but I have already reduced 1.5 kilograms and my hip has slimmed. After I drink it, my stomach feels full so I now eat less at meals. And, I don’t get the craving to eat or drink something sweet in-between meals.

It seems that black soybean flour cocoa is also good for easing constipation because several days after I started taking it my bowel movement improved and I no longer have to grunt and groan in the washroom every morning.

Nothing Else Helped except Black Soybean Cocoa

By Ms. Fumi Mitomaru, 54-year old company employee of Tokyo

I had tried many kinds of weight-reducing diets over many months but never succeeded. I just wasn’t able to continue restricting what I eat for a long time and couldn’t resist eating sweet things like cakes. One day, a fellow worker in my office told me about black soybean flour cocoa. I started taking it three times a day before meals. My initial reaction was that this tastes good.

One month since then, I managed to lose 1 kilogram from my former 56 kilograms. My height is 156 cm. The good thing about this diet is that, unlike all the others that I had tried before, I can continue it, and enjoyably at that. I don’t feel that I am struggling to reduce weight. It seems so natural and requires no effort at all.

After I drink a cup, my stomach feels satisfied and I can easily control my intake at meals. It also satisfies my desire for sweet things. Whenever I feel that I want to eat something sweet in between meals, I drink black soybean flour cocoa.

Because it is tasty, I feel no resistance in continuing to take it, and I am confident that I shall be able to take off more weight in the future. Besides it seems to have a laxative effect. I used to take a mild laxative everyday but now I have cut it down to once every other day.

17 Interesting and effective ways to not gain weight

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Buy dishes with cool colors. If you believe the German psychologists, the cool colors – blue, green and gray – suppress appetite. The same applies to the tablecloths and curtains. Do not hang beautiful images of fruit baskets on the wall.

Remember the Chinese wisdom: “Nothing is more conducive to a slim figure like a dream on an empty stomach. Scientists at University of Chicago, have found that the long dream stimulates growth hormones which in turn speeds up the metabolism and helps to reduce weight.

Always place your order first at the restaurant. This will prevent you from the temptation to try the example of food junkie friends.

Try to keep your apartment clean. Mopping, cleaning cupboards and washing dishes burns more calorie than spending time in gym.

Always wear a tight gold chain around your waist. Now when you try to eat more, it will send you alerts.

Charge your spirits. A woman enjoying floral aromas is more likely to lose weight as per the University of Chicago professors.

Wash down the food with white wine as it speeds up digestion. Experts from the German Wine Academy argue that anyone who drink 100-200 ml of white wine a day, lose weight 20% faster than those who consume fruit juices.

Do not dine in the shadows, says Joseph Kesova. He proved that in the dark, people cannot control themselves. The sensitivity of the taste buds escalates and absolutely everything, including ordinary bread, seems extremely appetizing.

Scientists at the University of Tennessee recommend everyone to start the day with the yogurt. Person who eat up to 3 jars of fermented milk per day, lose 60% more fat than those who simply cuts back the diet.

At the cocktail party, always keep a glass in your right hand. The left hand is uncomfortable and turns slowly towards the food.

Place the table in front of a mirror. American studies show that those who are watching their reflection,  eat 22% less.

Buy more clothes of bright colors. A colorful women is always at the centre of men’s attraction. If you love admiration it will keep your resolution going.

Buy one size small breath taking dress and hang it in a prominent place. This is the best incentive to lose weight.

Do not eat in front of the TV. First of all, you cannot appreciate the taste and flavor of the dishes and second, you will always miss the point of saturation.

Keep the refrigerator full. This will save you from the unplanned attacks on fast food at the nearest joint.

Chew a sprig of parsley. It’s bitter taste weaken the appetite.

Brush your teeth after eating. The feeling of cleanliness and freshness discourage any desire to eat another piece.

Dante and Stimpy – Two Secret Points that Promotes Breast Growth




Start at the hollow of your neck. Now go 12 cm below it in straight line. Dante is located at this place (between the breasts). Please see the above image.

You also have to locate pair of points known as Stimpy. These points are located at a distance of 3 cm in left and right direction from the Dante.

Massage these points softly for three-four minutes. Regular Stimulation of these points will lead to the desired result. Eastern medicine believes that the stimulation of the points – Stimpy and Dante – makes the breasts fuller.

Remember that massage should be done gently. Do not apply too much pressure to the delicate areas of the breast. It is desirable that before the procedure, you must clean the skin and hands.

It is important to pay attention to the technique of pressing the points as the correctness of this is needed for quick breast development.

Do not apply pressure to the end of the finger, since it causes rapid fatigue or injury. Pressure must be applied carefully, perpendicular to the surface which is exposed. See the below figure.


Japanese Reflexology for Breast Growth

Japanese believe that we have 8 points on our neck and 8 in back for breast growth.


First you need to apply gentle pressure on any of points on neck for 2 seconds. Now give it a break of 5 seconds. Now press again for 2 seconds. Repeat this 5 times for a single point. Now do the same to remaining 7 points on neck.

Repeat the same for the 8 points on the back.


Four amazing Anti-aging Beauty Secrets from around the world


1) VI century Tibetan Youth Recipe

This youth recipe was found in a Tibetan monastery in 1971. It was written in the VI century BC on a clay tablet.

Mix 100 grams each of Chamomile, St. John’s Wort, Helichrysum and birch birds. Grind this mixture in coffee grinder. Place the resulting mixture in a pot with lid.

In the evening take a tablespoon out of pot in half litre of boiling water. Leave it for twenty minutes. Filter the solution through a fabric (but not the cheese cloth).

Before going to bed, dissolve a tablespoon of honey to a glass of resulting infusion and drink it. Make sure that you not eat or drink after this.

Take bath with warm water in the morning. After that add a spoon of honey to remaining infusion and drink it twenty minutes before breakfast.

Repeat this till you finish your prepared amount of herbs. This course is desirable once every five years.


2) Salt elixir of Greeks

Ancient Greeks placed a few grains of salt (about 1 gram) on the tip of tongue after the meal for a few minutes and swallowed the resulting saliva. It is preferable to consume organic salt.

3) Cubes with herbs from Russia

Mix equal amount of Chamomile, series, jojoba oil and olive oil. Place the mixture in tray and close the freezer. In the morning, wipe the face with this cube! Your face will become fresh, rosy and soft.

If you are suffering from tiredness during the day, wipe your face with this cube and see the results!

4) Viking Tea

Mix equal parts of dry rose hips, chopped dry grass, nettles and knotweed. Put a tablespoon of this mixture in a glass of boiling water. Leave it for three hours. Then drink in one gulp.

This drink should be drunk in the morning and in the afternoon instead of tea. It lends vitality and improves mood.

Improve the vision of eyes with Trataka


We all understand how important it is to have healthy eyes. But for most of us, sooner or later, the problems begin with vision. Different people have different approaches to solving this problem. Around 70% people start to use glasses or lenses (prosthetic eye), the remaining 30% try to solve their vision problem in various ways.

One of the most effective and natural method of improving eye vision comes an ancient meditation technique known as Trataka. Trataka (steady gaze) is a technique of famous hatha yoga. It is capable of improving your eye sight and curing various eye diseases. Many people have cured farsightedness, near sightedness, astigmatism, strabismus With Trataka.

How to perform Trataka

You will need a yoga mat, table and a candle to perform this yoga. First place the mat inside the dark room. Now move the table at a distance of 30-60 cm from the mat. Now place a candle on the table and light it. Now go and sit in cross legged pose on the mat. Now make sure that the :

a) The table and the mat are in the straight line.

b) The wick of the candle is at your eye level.

c) Air is not disturbing the flame. Under normal conditions the flame will rise in straight line.

Make sure that all the conditions (a, b, c) are met before starting your meditation.

Trataka Meditation

Straighten your back, relax and close your eyes. Try to calm your senses and think about only the light. When you are ready, open your eyes and focus on the bright spot (on the tip of the wick).Keep looking at the flames with the utmost concentration. Your whole mind must be completely focused on the top of wick while the perception of the rest of the body must be dissolved. It should be focused on a single point until your eyes gets tired or tears starts flowing from them. Now close your eyes and focus on the bright spot between eyebrows.

How can i see the bright spot when my eyes are closed?

When you look at bright light or sun and close your eyes, you can still see the glowing image between your eyes. The same will happen with candle. Try it and see for yourself!

After sometime the image will disappear. Now open your eyes and re-focus on the flame. Repeat this process for 10-15 minutes in a single session.

You can do this practice a few times a week. Do not worry as it has no side effects. Focusing on the flame of a candle is perfectly safe. Just make sure that you do not move throughout the exercise.

How to believe that it works?

Just remember how calm eyes and nerves are when you take a long look at the burning pyre.


Guaranteed Breast Growth with folk medicines

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Many girls dream to have beautiful breasts. But what about those whom nature has not endowed this gift? What if you are not willing to go under the surgeon’s knife? The help comes in the form of folk medicine.

Oil Mask for Breasts

Mix equal amount (50 ml each) of avocado oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. Add some drops of rosehip oil. Now massage your breasts with this ointment twice a day before bath. Avocado Oil softens the skin, olive oil has anti-aging effects, jojoba oil regenerates skin cells and rosehip prevents sagging breasts.

Tonic to improve the shape of breasts

Mix 1 tablespoon of aloe juice, 1 tablespoon of infusion of horsetail, 10 drops of tincture of hops, 4 drops of essential oil of lemon and geranium in a glass jar. Store the mixture in the refrigerator for a week. After that, apply it twice a week.

Anti-sagging breast mask

This mask is especially well suited for mothers after childbirth and breast-feeding. It supports the breast and saturates them with moisture.

  • Avocado – 5 tea spoon
  • Grinded oat flour – 2 tea spoon
  • Sesame oil – 1 tea spoon
  • Grape seed oil – 1 tea spoon

Use once a week and see the results in six weeks.

Natural Formula for heightening the breast

To begin, prepare an ointment.

Finely chop a kilogram of fresh nettles along with two apples. Now mix it with a litre or a little more honey. The resulting drug should be kept for nine days in a cool, dark place.

Apply this ointment on the night of the growing moon in summer for best results.

Herbal Mask for Shining Breasts

Take several leaves of fresh mint, lemon balm, dandelion and nettle. Grind in a grinder. Add 1 tablespoon of the resulting green slurry to 1 tablespoon cheese and 1 teaspoon of honey.

Apply it twice a week before bath for tight and shining breasts.

Rose Petal Mask

If you are presented with a bouquet of roses, do not rush to dispose of it after withering, because the petal of these flowers promotes breast growth.

Crush the rose petals till they resemble fine dried flour. Add 2 spoons of crushed petals to one spoon of cream. Apply this mixture on breast for fifteen minutes.

Cocoa Butter

Massage with cocoa butter guarantees breast enlargement. It is rich in vitamins and hence nourishes, tightens and rejuvenates the skin. You should never massage the breast itself. Make a light stroking massage to area above, below and between the breasts.

Japanese sole tapping method Reduces Blood Pressure Dramatically

sole tapping

One can expect for sure that tapping the sole of the foot will bring down blood pressure. There is a “high blood pressure zone” in the arched part of the sole. Tapping this zone improves the flow of blood in the relatively large blood vessel which passes through the inner part of the arch, and stimulates blood circulation in the entire foot. This draws blood towards the foot and lowers the blood pressure. Densely concentrated in the sole, moreover, are many zones and tsubo (nerve points) connected to various inner organs. These too are stimulated when the entire area of the sole is tapped. Thus the rewards of sole-tapping could include such unexpected ones as relief for headache, stiff shoulders, and general body tuning.

Sole tapping is easy to perform. Use a mallet or anything similar to it or even your clench fist and tap the whole area of the sole of your bare foot, with emphasis on the arched part. Tap gently at first, using just enough strength to give you a pleasant sensation. Beginners should tap each sole 100 times which takes only two minutes or less per sole. Gradually increase the number of taps to 200 per sole. Do the tapping exercise three times a day — morning, noon and night. Even once a day just before going to bed will bring results in the long run if continued every night.

Exercise in Bath for Lowering Blood Pressure

The Japanese are famous bath lovers — and very hot baths at that. Their purpose of bathing is not just to wash the body.

Deep Breathing in the Bath for 5 minutes a Day

Deep-breathing, toe-twisting and ankle rotation in a warm (not hot) bath is helpful in dealing with high blood pressure, various painsear buzzing, eyestrain, etc.

For this bathtub exercise, the temperature of the water should be 39-40 degrees Centigrade — warm but not hot. Sit in the tub so that the water level is below the pit of the stomach or the lowest rib. For five minutes, conduct slow abdominal breathing. Draw in air very slowly through the nose while pushing out the stomach forcefully. Hold your breath for a split second and then exhale slowly while pulling in the stomach strongly. Deep-breathing in the bath stimulates the autonomic nervous system which controls internal organs, induces psychological composure and stimulates blood circulation.

Deep-breathing followed by five minutes of “exercise” of the toes and ankles while breathing normally and still seated in the warm bathtub is a nice add-on.

Toe Rotation

First, grab the toes of both feet one by one and twist each toe clockwise and counter clockwise several times. It will be very awkward and difficult to do at first but after a few sessions, you should be able to manage it smoothly.
Ankle rotation is next

Bend your right leg and place the foot on the left thigh. With the left hand grasp the right ankle with four fingers and extend the thumb at almost right angles to the four fingers to press against the tsubo nerve spot which is known as San-inko. This is located about four finger widths from the ankle bone on the inner side of the leg just off the bone. Explore, by pressing with your finger tip. When you hit an especially sensitive spot, that is the tsubo. While applying pressure on this spot with the thumb, rotate the ankle 20 times clockwise 20 times counter clockwise. Repeat with the other foot. This, too, will require a few sessions to master.