Homemade masks for breast growth

Since ancient times, woman’s breast is one of the most important criteria of female beauty, sexuality and femininity.It is the most noticeable and attractive part of
women body for the opposite sex. A magnificent bust invariably attracts the more views than a hit Youtube video.

And it is for this reason that most of the ladies are very concerned about an increase in their own bust – still one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery is
breast augmentation surgery.

Folk methods of breast augmentation, such as homemade masks that are easily prepared from conventional and available components is equally effective as plastic
surgery. Try it and see for yourself.

Here are some examples of such home remedies for breast enlargement:

Apple Mask

Mix one tablespoon of mashed fresh apple with a tablespoon of soft butter and a teaspoon of honey .In case honey is frozen, melt it by applying steam to it.
Gently massage the breasts with this mixture. Leave it for around twenty minutes.

Sour cream mask

This is very effective for breast augmentation and also nourishes the skin in the upper chest.Mix 100 grams of fresh high-fat sour cream with one egg yolk. Add half a
spoon of lemon juice to it.Now apply this mixture evenly on the chest. Leave it for half an hour and after that wash with the warm water.

Fennel Oil Mask

Add three spoons of fennel seeds to cod liver oil. Heat the mixture and wait till the fennel seeds are red. Now filter it and allow it to cool. Use this oil to massage
the breasts. Leave it for half an hour.

Fenugreek powder Mask

Add four spoon of Fenugreek powder to water. Mix it well to create the paste. Massage your breasts with this paste. Leave it for twenty minutes and after that wash
with water.

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